Magical girl

Lumen - Magical Girl

Part of Lumen in Mystical skills, together with Sense and Resist Magic.

Moods and activitiesEdit

Willful +1, Yielding -1. There are no activities unlockable by Wield Magic.


  • week 10 a) if you started a battle Test: Wield Magic ≥ 30 loose less forces else loose more forces than originally.
  • week 10 b) if you intimidate them, Test Wield Magic + Presence ≥ 70 they back off, else a battle will happen next week.
  • week 16 if fighting an assassin,Test Reflexes > 80 or Flexibility > 50,  if you choose to blast him, partial reflex/flexibility success: Test Wield Magic > 100 kill him else die, full reflex/flexibility success: Test Wield Magic > 60 burn him else die.
  • week 31 war with rebels Test Wield Magic ≥ 90, partial successes((> 70 < 90) and (> 40 < 70)) help defeat enemies else no effect on the fight.
  • week 33 if attacked by a noble, and Test: Wield Magic ≥ 30 you can "Kill him with Magic": Test: Wield Magic ≥ 60 kill him else die.
  • week 35 Test: Wield Magic ≥ 60 and Wield Magic > 100 help fight the invasion.
  • week 36 when fighting him: Test Resist Magic > 60 then, Test Sense Magic > 60(or other), and then, Counter attack: Test Wield Magic > 50: choose how to fight else die, Dazzle him Test Wield Magic > 80 Test Decoration > 70 kill him else die.

Wield MagicEdit

10:You learn to summon a small glowing light which you can then move around independently.

20: You learn how to cast rays of white light which can banish shadows and blind you opponents.

30: You learn to create tiny discs of solid light which can fly through the air and cut into targets.

40: By concentrating, you can create a wave of discontent which panics or enrages animals in the area.

50: You learn to create a blade of solid light, which you can wield like a sword to slice through flesh and stone alike.

60: You learn to direct a beam of searing light through the end of a staff, burning whatever you point at.

70: By concentrating, you can create a wave of discontent which panics, confuses, or enrages other people around you.

80: You learn to shape light into images of things that are far away, or things that don't exist at all.

90: You learn to create a powerful explosion of light, burning those caught within and blinding others who look at it.

100: You learn how to make use of images to wield your other powers at a great distance.

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