If you sought Selene's help on the weekend, all classes are skipped for this week while you prepare to attack the invaders from afar. If Meditation < 10, +1 Afraid. Test Lumen ≥ 240 and Meditation ≥ 60 OR Lumen ≥ 300 and Meditation ≥10:

Success: You kill the enemy commander with an earthquake, but also cause extensive damage in nearby lands. Lose commoner approval and 4,000 lassi.
Failure: You blow yourself up and die.

If the commoner approval is high, everybody loves you. +1-2 Cheerful

If you killed the enemy commander in a duel, his soldiers are looting your lands, costing you 1,000 lassi. If your agents were directed to watch for commoner uprisings during week 18, your monetary losses are significantly reduced.  If you are betrothed to Talarist and received aid from him, your monetary losses will also be reduced.

If your musician is making an investigation, she will report the results to you. If you passed a Sense Magic check during week 17, but did not act on it, +1 Yielding

If your father is dead and you are currently depressed, you will not act on the information. If your dominant mood is not depressed, choose:

Execute them: You are running out of family...
Do nothing: +1 Depressed, +2 Yielding

If your father is alive, +1 Depressed and choose:

Decide Lucille is guilty:
Execute Lucille only
Execute Lucille and Laurent
Execute Lucille, banish the rest
Execute the entire family
Banish the entire family
Decide the musician is lying: +1 Angry
Imprison her
Execute her
Ask about Charlotte's powers
Execute Lucille only
Execute Lucille and Laurent
Execute Lucille, banish the rest
Execute the entire family
Banish the entire family

If you performed the magic ritual during week 35, test Trade > 40 to understand the consequences of what you unleashed. If you know Charlotte has magical powers, test cruelty > 10 to unlock option "Sacrifice Charlotte" - if you have just dealt with her treacherous family, the option is unlocked without a cruelty check.

Sacrifice yourself: You are taken by tentacles and die.
Sacrifice Charlotte: If your aunt Lucille is alive, your life will be drained next week. Otherwise, you appease the sea monster.
Try to seal it: You survive, but have made a commitment for the next seven years.

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