Naval battle won Edit

If you won the naval battle, you may be holding prisoners. Test World History > 80 to unlock option "Ransom them all" then decide what to do with them:

Ransom them all: Receive 1,000 lassi.
Ransom the rich, conscript the poor: Receive 700 lassi.
Ransom the rich, execute the poor: A cruel action. Receive 700 lassi.
Execute them all: A very cruel action.

Naval battle lost Edit

If you lost the naval battle, and are betrothed to Talarist, you can run away to Talasse, but this will lead to a game over. Otherwise, you will meet the enemy commander. Test Foreign Intelligence > 90:

Success: You know something about the enemy commander.
Failure: Test World History > 100 to realize something concerning the enemy commander.

Test Sense Magic > 80 to discover something about the enemy commander.

Test Composure > 40:

Success: You remain composed.
Failure: Test Court Manners > 60:
Success: You don't show your anger.
Failure: +1 Angry

Test Sense Magic > 90 to discover something disturbing.

Have a spare Lumen Crystal (Have Sense Magic 80 in week 20 to unlock a fourth choice. Select it. Have Resist Magic ≥  60, Reflexes + Running ≥  50 or Flexibility ≥  50 to complete this event) and speak to Julianna/Selene afterward to get the "Offer to give him power" option. Alternatively, you can unlock this option by failing and surviving the ritual, or by being a Lumen with Lore 90.

Test Foreign Intelligence 90 to replace the option "Offer marriage alliance" with "Sing to him".

Now choose:

Offer marriage alliance: You discover something unfortunate, make another choice.
Offer to give him your power: Test Cruelty > 10:
Success: Choose:
Do it: You do what is necessary and become an evil minion.
Refuse: Make another choice.
Failure: You don't have what it takes, make another choice.
Refuse outright: Only available if you are a Lumen. If Julianna is your mentor, this leads to an unavoidable game over. If Selene is your mentor, this starts the Earthquake quest.
Accept his terms: If you are not a Lumen, see below. Test Resist Magic > 60:
Failure (< 30): You are blasted with magic and die.
Partial Success (> 30 < 60): You fight, but are blasted with magic and die.
Success: Test Sense Magic > 60
Success: You make a counter attack
Failure: Test Resist Magic > 100
Failure: You are drained of life and die.
Success: Test Meditation > 30
Failure: You are blasted with magic and die.
Success: You ready a counter attack. +1 Willful
Counter attack: Test Wield Magic > 50:
Failure: You attempt to dazzle him, but fail. You are blasted with magic and die.
Success: Choose how to fight him:
Magic Sword: Test Reflexes + Swords > 100:
Failure: You are blasted with magic and die.
Success: You kill the enemy commander.
Dazzle him: Test Wield Magic > 80
Failure: You are blasted with magic and die.
Success: Test Decoration > 70
Failure: You are blasted with magic and die.
Success: You kill the enemy commander.
Sing to him: Test Instrument + Voice > 100
Failure: You tried, but failed. Make another choice.
Success: Test Public Speaking > 70
Failure: He was not impressed. Make another choice.
Success: Test Presence > 70
Failure: Not good enough, make another choice.
Success: You saved the day with the power of music.

If you do not have any magic skills and you accept his terms Joslyn will duel in your stead.

If your agents have been looking for Lumens and brought this up to Joslyn he will win the duel. +8 Afraid. Must choose special action on weekend.

If not he will be killed. +10 Depressed, +1 Angry. Test Composure ≥ 100 (Partial Success ≥ 70):

Failure: You snap and are killed by magic.
Success: Choose:
Obey: The invaders leave. +2 Yielding
Refuse: You are killed by magic.
Stare Him Down (if Composure ≥ 100): The invaders leave. +2 Willful

If you do not meet the enemy commander, and a sea monster has risen, you get +1 Afraid


In the event that Joslyn fought the duel and survived, his room will be the only one accessible on that weekend.

If you refused the duel, all you can do this weekend is meet with your advisors. If Selene is the Lumen tutor, skip all classes next week. If Julianna is the tutor, no matter what is chosen Elodie will be forced to flee the castle and the game will end.

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