Events highly dependent on previous choices.

A civil war may break out. Test Military > 40 to tally the sizes of the armies involved. Choose whether to pardon criminals to increase the size of your army.

If civil war does not break out, you may receive an embroidered cushion from a noble.

Should that noble have died, it comes from her successor and is much more ominous. +1 Afraid
Test Foreign Affairs ≥ 80 for background information on the nation behind the gift
Depending on the nation, an Animal Handling OR Expression ≥ 70 check is required for additional character text
Keep it: [Unknown effect. More information required]
Give it to Alice: Inflict cruelty if high enough, +1 Pressure if failed spot check. [More information required; may be additional concequences]

If Briony isn't with you and the civil war did not break out, you may choose to recruit criminals from your prison as soldiers.

If Briony is at the castle and her parents are among the rebels, you can choose to:

Send Briony home as a gesture of goodwill: This may be helpful in avoiding her death.
Hold Briony hostage: You enter hostage negotiations next week.

If you did not go to Sudbury, Briony's mother arrives to ask you where she is.

If you went to Sudbury, brought Briony home with you and are not at civil war, you can talk to her about the forest quest.

Test Conversation ≥ 40 to unlock option "Ask about Briony's parents"

Send her alone: Briony will not return. Her uncle will not be happy.
Go with Briony: Start the forest adventure.
Tell her not to go: Briony goes anyway, and you won't see her again. Her uncle will not be happy.
Ask about Briony's parents: Test Internal Affairs ≥ 90 to understand her family background. In any case, Briony will stay put. +1 Angry

If you go with her, start the forest adventure:

Test Sense Magic ≥ 50 to sense something amiss. This check is not required, it is only for flavor text.

Test Herbs ≥ 70

Fail: You fall victim to monsters.
Success: +10 Afraid. Test Running ≥ 50
Fail: You fall victim to monsters.
Success: Test Horses ≥ 70
Success: You both escape.
Fail: Choice:
Leave her: You escape, she dies. Her uncle will not be happy.
Support her: Test Dance ≥ 30
Success: You both escape.
Fail: You fall victim to monsters.

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