Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Lavender
Eye color: Lavender
Age: 26

Talarist is Duke of Sedna, which is in the neighboring country of Talasse. He will send a necklace to Elodie in the hopes of arranging a betrothal (see Marriage). Elodie can learn about this beforehand by having Foreign Intelligence > 10, and with a Court Manners > 10 check, she will understand the social implications of wearing a man's gift; failing this check causes Elodie to wear and display it, implying she has accepted his courtship.

If Elodie accepts his proposal, they will become engaged and she will be given the option to invite him to the gala on Week 17. This gives her the option of bypassing the Dance check and gives her different options to deal with an upset Banion if she has displeased him.

Talarist also has a younger brother who can marry Elodie in the epilogue if Talarist rejects her.

Because of the intermarriage between Sedna and Elath, if Adair is assassinated Elodie gets the option to make Talarist Duke of Elath, provided he gives up rulership of Sedna and pledges to Nova. A high Intrigue score discourages this because of the strife the intermarriage has caused historically.  

Although Talarist himself is too young to have been directly involved in the conflicts of the past, he is aware of the connection between himself and Adair and there are implications he may be responsible for the assassination attempts. If Elodie is engaged to Talarist, Adair will not be attacked, but if Adair is killed and his lands given to someone else or betrothed to Elodie, Talarist will raise high tariffs or simply attack the new heir's lands.  

In one of his marriage epilogues, it makes note that he encourages Elodie to distract herself while he enjoys his new position in Nova's nobility. In another, Elodie and Talarist raise two daughters and a number of exotic pets from the east. The King Consort never tired of giving his girls presents to make them smile. If Elodie is unable to have children, Talarist will request a divorce.

If Elodie rejects Talarist rudely and orders her agents to look out for foreign powers, Talarist will not be able to place tariffs at the border. If Elodie chooses to marry him, flavor text will explain that this was done to calm the border dispute.

Talarist can make a useful ally. If Elodie is engaged to him she can use the alliance with Talasse against Ixion in Week 10, and although he does not send troops when Shanjia invades, if the invasion is repelled he can help with the aftermath.