Part of Military in intelect skills, together with Naval Strategy and Logistics.

Moods and activitiesEdit

Willful +1, Angry +1, Afraid -1, Cheerful -1. No activities are unlocked by training Strategy.


  • week 15 Test: Strategy > 30 choice to recruit more army unlocked.
  • week 31 War with rebels Test: Strategy + Logistics ≥ 170 limits losses else more people die.
  • week 35 If you lose Test: Strategy + Naval Strategy ≥ 150 escape else other ways to escape else die.


10You study the strengths and weaknesses of different weapons in battle formations.
20You study the effects of battle stress on troops, and how morale can turn the tide of battle.
30You study military recruitment and the importance of training and motivation in making soldiers who can trust and depend on each other.
40You learn about how units reinforce each other in the field, gaining strength through proximity and the covering of weaknesses
50You study the effects of different kinds of battle terrain for both offense and defense.
60You study the power of ranged weapons, from arrows to thrown fire and sand, and how the threat of such attacks can shift the enemy's response.
70You study the use of cavalry in battle, as well as the costs and benefits of traveling with large animals.
80You study the effects of a strong hierachy on military organisation and the ability of troops to respond to changing situations.  Communication across an army can be difficult; disrupted signals can lead to chaos.
90You study famous battles: the disasters and the mistakes which created them, and the turning points in larger conflicts and why they made a difference.
100You study the concept of "defeat in detail" and how an army can be destroyed by crushing small parts one at a time rather than attacking it all at once.

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