List of trainable skills at the start of Week 1

If Elodie wants to be a succesful queen, and if she wants to survive at all, she must learn the skills to do so.

You start the game at Week 1 with no skills and the mood Depressed (second highest is Afraid), meaning an increase in Expression and Animal Handling training, and a penalty to Royal Demeanor, Conversation and Athletics.

Managing your skills and moods is key to succeed in this game. Also bear in mind that for every point learned inside a particular skill category (ex: Royal Demeanor for training Composure), Elodie will receive a learning bonus of 0.01 when training any skill(s) under that category. So, if Elodie repeatedly trains the skills in one category, she will be able to progressively learn more and more (and much faster) about the skills in that category. This bonus stacks with every skill in the category and is permanent. (Ex: Elodie trains Composure one week and earns ten points, she will earn a bonus of .1, because the ten points give her a bonus of 0.01 each, adding up to .1. The next week, she will gain 10.5 points. And so on and so forth. The bonus will apply to every other skill as well, with every bonus stacking.) That bonus will also affect the entire skill category (Ex. Royal Demeanor in Social), with a bonus of 0.1 every 1 bonus point of the "sub-skill category", not including the bonus/penalty from the mood that Elodie is currently feeling. This bonus, however, will not appear on any of the "sub-skill categories," but only showing on the "general" skill category (ex. Social, Physical, Intellectual, Mystical). This bonus will also stack and is permanent.

Royal DemeanorEdit

  • Composure - Staying calm under pressure or pain.
  • Elegance - Moving and acting gracefully.
  • Presence - Motivating people with the power of your personality.

Mood Bonus: Yielding

Mood Penalty: Lonely, Depressed, Afraid, Willful, Angry


Mood Bonus: Lonely, Cheerful

Mood Penalty: Depressed, Pressured


  • Decoration - Painting, sculpting, fashion, visual arts.
  • Instrument - Musical instruments.
  • Voice - Singing and voice projecting.

Mood Bonus: Depressed

Mood Penalty: Angry


  • Novan History - Nova's origin and past.
  • Foreign Affairs - Past relations between Nova and foreign lands.
  • World History - How the countries came to be and other significant happenings of the past (backstory).

Mood Bonus: Yielding

Mood Penalty: Willful, Pressured


Mood Bonus: Willful

Mood Penalty: Lonely, Afraid, Cheerful


  • Herbs - Medicinal herbs and how to use them.
  • Battlefield - Emergency treatments, healing with little resources and correct treament of wounds.
  • Poison - Poisons, their effects and how to treat them.

Mood Bonus: Lonely

Mood Penalty: Angry


  • Accounting - Money, taxes, book-keeping and budget management.
  • Trade - International finance.
  • Production - Nova's resources and importation.

Mood Bonus: None

Mood Penalty: Willful, Pressured


  • Strategy - Soldiers, unit types, psychological warfare and chains of command.
  • Naval Strategy - Ship types and construction, naval traveling and naval warfare.
  • Logistics - Supplies and rations, how to move and distribute them, and how to disrupt the enemy's.

Mood Bonus: Willful, Angry

Mood Penalty: Afraid, Cheerful


  • Dance - Ballroom dancing, dance techniques and culture of dances.
  • Reflexes - Quickly responding to sudden obstacles.
  • Flexibility - Ease of movements in muscles and joints.

Mood Bonus: Afraid

Mood Penalty: Injured


  • Swords - Fencing techniques.
  • Archery - Archery, maintenance of bow and arrows and calculating the movement of projectiles.
  • Polearms - Long weapons techniques.

Mood Bonus: Angry, Willful

Mood Penalty: Yielding, Afraid, Cheerful, Injured


  • Running - Train speed and stamina while running.
  • Climbing - Safely climbing heights.
  • Swimming - Buoyancy, endurance and hazards while swimming.

Mood Bonus: Cheerful, Pressured

Mood Penalty: Depressed, Injured

Animal HandlingEdit

  • Horses - Riding and grooming of horses.
  • Dogs - Training, breeding and caring of dogs.
  • Falcons - Behavior of birds of prey.

Mood Bonus: Depressed

Mood Penalty: Angry


  • Meditation - Channeling strength through relaxation and unlocking the mind's eye.
  • Divination - Presages, signs of fortune, meaningful dreams, forewarnings and omens.
  • Lore - Legends and history of magic.

Mood Bonus: Yielding, Afraid, Pressured

Mood Penalty: Lonely


To learn this, you must have a magic tutor (Julianna or Selene), then activate your crystal.

Mood Bonus: Willful

Mood Penalty: Yielding