Week 3Edit

If Julianna was allowed to stay in Week 2 or if you freed her from the dungeon at the end of Week 2Edit

Hold Still:

Test: Composure [10]

Success: Julianna  kills the snake and no one gets bitten.

Failure: Charlotte  is bitten by the snake. +1 Afraid

If you send Julianna away or imprison her in Week 2 without releasing herEdit

Test: Reflexes [1][20]

Success: You drive the snake off. +1 Angry

Failure: You are bitten. Charlotte heals you with strange magic. +1 Afraid

Week 4Edit

If Charlotte was bitten in Week 3Edit

Test: Poison [40]

Success: Elodie will remark that milk viper bites are often fatal.

Failure: You think that your cousin might have a guardian angel protecting her.

Week 5 Edit

Test: Foreign Intelligence [10] or Foreign Affairs: [40]

Success: Elodie will know where Sedna is.

Failure: Elodie says "We have a Duke of Sedna?"  (No effect)

Test: Court Manners [10]

Failure: You wear the necklace. Talarist will think you are interested in marriage. +1 Cheerful

Success: You realize it is inappropriate to wear a man's gift. Choose: Wear it/Don't wear it

Week 6Edit

If you sent Julianna awayEdit

Test: Lore [10]

If Julianna is your magic tutor and climb up to look over the hedge:

Test: Climbing [20]

Success: See Evrard (Will recognize him when you next meet him.)

Failure: Nothing

Week 7Edit

Test: Elegance [10] or Test: Reflexes [10]

Success: You avoid her.

Failure: Test: Court Manners [20]

           Success: to unlock option "Accept her apology".

           Failure: option "Accept her apology" not avalible.

If you are keeping Julianna in the dungeons, you will receive a visitor.Edit

Test: Internal Affairs [40]

Success: Elodie will know the identity of the visitor.

Failure: None

Week 8Edit

Test: Production + Trade [50]

Success: Allows you to invest

Failure: You can't invest

Week 9Edit

Test: Foreign Affairs  [20]

Success: to realize who started the trouble.

Failure: None

Test: Military  [10]

Success: to unlock "prepare for battle" option.

Failure: option "prepare for battle" not avalible.

If you are wearing the necklace from SednaEdit

Test: Court Manners [10]

Failure: Banion lectures you on the nature of the gift.

Success: Choose: I'm considering it/ I just like jewelry

Week 10Edit

Outcome of the battle with the invaders, if you chose to prepare for battle in Week 9. If you used magic,Edit

Test Wield Magic [30]

Partial success (> 0 but < 30): You are laughed at and lose a lot of troops. +2 Angry

Success: You lose less troops. +1 Angry, +1 Cheerful

If you didn't choose to fight, their representative arrivesEdit

Test: Novan History [30]

Success: to know something about your subjects.

Failure: None

Test: Foreign Affairs [20]

Success: to unlock option "Offer to punish the Duchess of Hellas"

Failure: option "Offer to punish the Duchess of Hellas" not avalible.

Test: Foreign Affairs [80] or Foreign Intelligence [80]

Success: to know something useful about the invaders and unlock option: "Offer alliance against Terrax" under Bluff / Intimidate.

Failure: option "Offer alliance against Terrax" not avalible.

Offer him money if Ixion withdrawsEdit

Test Accounting + Trade [60] or Logistics [50] to unlock option "Make counter-offer"

Make counter-offer (Accounting + Trade): Pay them off with 4,000 lassi. +1 Willful

Make counter-offer (Logistics): Pay them off with 5,000 lassi. +1 Pressured

Failure: option "Make counter-offer" not avalible.

Offer to punish the Duchess of HellasEdit

Make her a commoner:

Test Internal Affairs [60]

Success: Name her successor.

Failure: Unkown

Command her to marry an Ixionite

Test Internal Affairs [40]

Success: none

Failure: Banion will ask for a dance during week 17

Execute her

Test Internal Affairs [60]

Success: Name of her successor. This will result in an assassination attempt during week 16.

Failure: Unkown

Bluff / IntimidateEdit

If you are wearing a necklace from Sedna

Test Court Manners [10] to unlock option "Claim you are allied with Talasse."

If you are a Lumen, unlock option "Demonstrate magical powers"

Test Presence [60]

Success: They withdraw. Crisis averted.

Failure: A battle will begin next week.

Demonstrate magical powers: This will result in an assassination attempt during week 16.

Test Wield Magic + Presence [70]

Success: They back off. Crisis averted.

Failure: They are unimpressed. A battle will commence next week. +1 Depressed

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