Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Pink
  • None named

Sirin, Countess of Miranda and Callisto, is a minor noblewoman with an interest in marrying Elodie's father, Joslyn. Depending on Elodie's choices, Joslyn may or may not end up marrying Sirin. 

Involvement Edit

Week 18 Edit

Elodie will find her flirting with Joslyn. Her reaction to Sirin will decide whenether or not Sirin succeeds:

  • By passing a Composure >50 check, choosing "Greet her politely" and passing a Court Manners >10 check, while having previously arranged a marriage (Brin's or Elodie's own), Joslyn feel pressured to produce more heirs and thus will marry Sirin.
  • Any other choices can end up with either Elodie or Sirin humilliated, but Joslyn won't feel any interest in marrying the countess.

Personality Edit

Elodie accuses her of being a gold digger, interested only in Joslyn for his position. While there's nothing proving the contrary, and indeed a succesfully intimidated Sirin will completely dissapear from the rest of the story, the player only has Elodie's biased opinion on the matter.

Trivia Edit

  • Sirin is the name of a mythical creature that can represent "heavenly happiness" or "heretical temptation", depending on context.
  • Miranda and Callisto are the names of two moons and two literary characters (from The Tempest and Greek Mythology, respectively).