Countess of Miranda and Callisto
Royal Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Pink
  • None named

Sirin, Countess of Miranda and Callisto, is a minor noblewoman who has an interest in marrying Elodie's father, Joslyn. Depending on Elodie's choices, her father may end up marrying Sirin. 

Involvement Edit

She appears in a single event during Week 18.

Elodie will find her flirting with Joslyn. Her reaction to Sirin will decide whenether or not Sirin succeeds:

  • By passing a Composure >50 check, choosing "Greet her politely" and passing a Court Manners >10 check, while having previously arranged a marriage (Elodie's or Brin's), Joslyn will be pressured to produce heirs and thus will marry Sirin.
  • Any other choices can end up with either Elodie or Sirin humilliated, but Joslyn won't feel any interest in marrying the countess.

Personality Edit

Elodie accuses her of being a gold digger, interested only in Joslyn for his position. While there's nothing proving the contrary, and indeed a succesfully intimidated Sirin will quickly retreat the room, we only have Elodie's very biased opinion on the matter.

Trivia Edit

  • Sirin is the name of a mythical creature that can represent "heavenly happiness" or "heretical temptation", depending on context.
  • Miranda and Callisto are the names of both literary characters and moons.

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