Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Green
Eye color: Brown
Age: 36

Severin, Duke of Kigal, is the husband of Charmion, and father of Bram, Linley, Bryce, Remus, Astrid, Hale and Peri. His relationship with Charmion ties him to the Lillah ducal family.

Despite his children's ages (the two eldest being legal adults), he hasn't named an heir, apparently waiting to determine who's the most promising of them. He could also be waiting if Elodie shows interest in any of his sons.

He and his wife have a large family compared to most nobles. Considering the nature of political marriages, this could mean that they have a rather loving relationship, have agreed with Arisse's ideas on noble families, or both.

Involvement Edit

Week 17 Edit

If Elodie faces a vote of no-confidence, Severin will vote in her favor, banking on the opportunity that she might marry one of his sons. However, if Elodie is already engaged to Talarist and didn't dance with Linley, then he will vote against her.

Trivia Edit

  • His portait is the same as Laurent's, with changes in hair color, expression and clothes.