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Part of Lumen in Mystical skills, together with wield and resist magic.

Moods and activitiesEdit

Willful +1, Yielding -1.On attend prayer with high sense magic skill you find out Selene is also Lumen, also, as of week 8 go to Julianna with Sense Magic ≥ 80 to ask about other Lumen in the castle.


  • week 17 the ball is ending, Test: Sense Magic ≥ 80 to find out if Lucille is Lumen(spoiler. she is) you can add her to your circles or, if Sense Magic ≥ 100 you can fight her, magic resist is needed for the fight and gives a lot of depression else die.
  • week 18 has to do with week 17 s fight, Test Sense Magic ≥ 0 is unfailable (especially because you had to have 80+ to find out.)
  • week 20 guy posssesed by demons Test: Sense Magic > 80 to find out he's lumen, +option quetion him, he will attack with chains resist magic, flexibility, running+reflexes can get you his crystal else die.
  • week 23 foreign intelligence≥90, Test: Sense Magic ≥ 80 find the musicians secret.
  • week 29 you go with your friend Test Sense Magic ≥ 50 unnecesaty test to find something is amiss( this has no effect other than flavour text.)
  • week 36 a) If you lost the naval battle, Test Sense Magic > 80 to find something about the commander and Test Sense Magic > 90 something disturbing(mostly flavour text).
  • week 36 b) Test Sense Magic > 60 to be able to fight him, then, wield magic, meditation, reflexes, swords and so on helps you kill him.

Sense MagicEdit

10: You close your eyes and learn to feel the magic inside you.

20: You practice using small amounts of magic and feeling that power outside of yourself.

30: Your mentor summons up magical energies to strike the nearby ground so that you can learn to sense someone else's spells in use.

40: You close you eyes and call out when you detect your mentor casting a silent spell beside you.

50: You learn to detect ongoing enchantments, such as blessed weapons that can do magical damage.

60: You learn to tell the difference between different kinds of magical signatures, so that you can tell roughly what a spell you detect is meant to achieve.

70: You expand your magical perceptions to give you some idea of where a detected spell was cast from, and how long ago.

80: You learn to detect the latent power that signifies a Lumen even when he or she is not actively working magic.

90: You expand your senses, learning to detect spells and magical creatures at a greater distance.

100: You learn to detect lingering traces of strong magic from the past, even when the spell has long since completed.

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