Part of Lumen in Mystical skills, together with Wield and Sense Magic.

Moods and activitiesEditEdit

Willful +1, Yielding -1. There are no activities unlockable by Resist Magic.


  • week 17 upon accusing your aunt (lot of predestined choices) you also need Sense Magic>100 Accuse her: Test: Resist Magic > 80: Lucille dies. +1 Willful, +5 Depressed else die.
  • week 20 Test: Sense Magic > 80, question him Test: Resist Magic > 60 get crystal else other options of obtaining it, else die.
  • week 36 When fighting him Test Resist Magic > 60 to Test Sense Magic > 60 victory, else Test Resist Magic > 100 victory, else Meditation > 30 else die.

Resist MagicEdit

10: You increase your awareness of your own thoughts and emotions, making it more difficult for mind-affecting magic to twist your reactions.

20: You learn to consciously project a magical field through your thoughts, blocking outside magic from touching your mind - but only when you have the energy to consciously resist.

30: You gain innate resistance to light and dark - you can now see in the blackest of caves or stare into the sun without going blind.

40: You learn to consciously project a magical shield around your body, blocking intrusion; a powerful technique, but you can't keep it up for long.

50: You gain increasing resistance against heat and cold, becoming comfortable in different weather and environments (and being able to sip hot soup without burning your tongue!)

60: You learn how to quickly flare magical shields around you to defect an incoming attack. This uses much less energy than a constant shield, but it requires good timing to be effective.

70: You learn how to maintain a low-level deflection field, so that magical attacks not directly targeted at you will slide harmlessly aside. This doesn't need much power, so you can keep it up for long periods of time.

80: You learn how to directly counter offensive magic with your own power, so that you can 'burn out' a spell that someone else has cast. This is very dangerous if the other spell is too powerful!

90: Your increased skill and power gives you innate resistance to mind-affecting magic.

100: Your understanding of the flow of power gives you increased resistance to damage caused by magic, even without a shield. You can still be hurt, but less than an ordinary human would be.

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