Part of the agility skillset with dance and flexibility.

Mood and activitiesEdit

The only mood that affects agility is afraid: +1. Upon attaining 30+ reflexes you unlock 'Sports'

Sports (Lonely <= 0)

  • +1 Angry

Sports (Lonely > 0)

  • +1 Angry
  • -1 Lonely


  • week 3 Julianna not there, reflexes>20 you get rid of the snake else, your friend heals you.
  • week 7 reflexes>10 you dodge the maid else get options about punishing her or not.
  • week 16 attacked by an assasin : Test Reflexes > 80/ Flexibilty > 50 for full success, Reflexes > 30 AND < 80 AND , partial success. If Reflexes < 30 and Flexibility < 50 death
  • week 20 with sense magic > 80 and fourth choice, Resist Magic >= 60, Flexibility >= 50, or Reflexes + Running >= 50 to get another lumen crystal.
  • week 28 if bandits attack, Test: Archery + Reflexes > 100 you dodge else you get shot(other ways of survival are available.)
  • week 33 if someon died and you participate and you choose to run: Test Reflexes + Running ≥ 80 else falcons can sae you.
  • week 36 when fighting the admiral(you lost naval battle): Magic Sword: Test Reflexes + Swords > 100 you slay him else, you lose.


10: Your teacher walks around you, prodding a finger at you slowly in order to train you in blocking those touches without triggering fear or faster breathing.

20: You practice with a jumprope to increase the speed of your footwork.

30: You practice solo tennis, hitting a ball against the wall repeatedly in order to train your hand and your eye to react.

This enables the Sports activity on weekends.

40: You practice running at high speed back and forth over a small area, making quick turns and changes in direction.

50: You practice tennis against multiple opponents, learning to judge at a glance when a ball is too far away to reach in time.

60: You practice chasing a small dog through the castle gardens, leaping over uneven stones and dodging through branches.

70: You practice touch-blocking skills at full speed, deflecting hands before they can reach you.

80: You practice running through a field dodging balls that are thrown at you from all sides.

90: You sit quietly in the center of a room, watching out of the corners of your eyes to see people approaching you from a distance.

100: You practice catching balls that are thrown at you from different directions while you're not looking, so that you have to rely on hearing and instinct to sense the incoming missiles.

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