Part of Royal Demeanor in social skills, together with composure and elegance.

Moods and activitiesEdit

Afraid -1, Angry -1, Depressed -1,Yielding +1,Willful -2,Lonely -1. With Presence/ acccounting you can unlock the treasury when you are looking for the lumen crystal:

Visit Treasury (Presence < 40 AND Accounting < 60)

  • +1 Angry
  • +1 Willful

Visit Treasury (Presence > 40 AND < 70 AND Accounting < 60)

  • +1 Willful

Visit Treasury (Presence > 70 OR Accounting > 60)

  • +1 Willful
  • Count your lassi
  • If you don't have it, you obtain your Lumen Crystal


For weeks the bold else means if you don't have enough of that stat, what transpires.

  • week 8 optional: go to Julianna and have sense magic>80 and (Lore + Presence ≥ 120 / Lore + Conversation ≥ 140).
  • week 10 a) Threaten to attack: Test Presence ≥ 60 else they attack.
  • week 10 b) Demonstrate magical powers: Test Wield Magic + Presence ≥ 70 else, they attack.
  • week 17 a) Test: Presence > 50 / Elegance > 50 / Composure > 50 / Decoration > 70 else +1 Afraid, +1 Pressured
  • week 17 b) Order the insultors execution Test Public Speaking + Presence > 100 else you might lose the right to rule.
  • week 18 Sirin is with papa Shame her with silent scorn: Test: Presence ≥ 50 +1 cheerful else +1 Angry.
  • week 30 Execute the rebels: Cruelty*10 + Presence ≥ 150 war is over else battle commences.
  • week 33 tournament and fight with Staves loosing/winning Test Presence + Public Speaking ≥ 70 loss: you survive else die, victory: commoner approval increased else +1 depressed
  • week 36 you chose to sing to him Test Instrument + Voice > 100 and Public Speaking > 70 and Presence > 70 you save the day else choose differently.
  • week 38 Make a public appearance: Test Presence + Public Speaking > 110 / Presence + Elegance > 110 / Presence + Decoration > 110 Your popularity is boosted else nothing happens.


10: You practice wearing the royal regalia and looking at yourself in a mirror. Young as you are, you are a queen of the blood. You are your mother's daughter. You are a force to be reckoned with.

20: You stare at yourself in the mirror and practice focusing and transmitting energy with only your eyes, turning the "intensity" of your gaze on and off at will.

30: You practice using different styles of breathing in order to feel more energetic and to let that energy surround you for others to share.

40: You plant your feet in a strong stance, imagining that you are a tree, deeply rooted in the earth. You can feel that power within you and know that you will not be pushed aside.

50: You practice focusing your attention on individuals as you pass, letting them feel a brief connection with you before you formally acknowledge them with a nod.

60: You practice being aware of your environment, seeing everything as it transpires around you and feeling that you are in control of it all.

70: You practice giving commands to the castle staff, neither asking nor demanding, but telling them what needs to be done. As long as you believe it to be true, they will as well.

80: You practice watching people and willing them to feel your gaze on them. Inevitably, they will be drawn to you.

90: You imagine things that you want to happen in the near future, and then convince yourself and others that those things will happen.

100: You organise a group of castle staff and coach them through carrying out a complicated, multi-stage task.

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