All the unlockable dresses

All the unlockable dresses

Wearing an outfit boosts each of the three skills in the category the outfit belongs to by +10 points. This helps the player pass skill checks.

Each class category has its own outfit which is unlocked after gaining 25 points in each skill in that category.

  • Boarding School Uniform - no bonus.
  • Coronet - Boosts Royal Demeanor (+10 to Composure, Elegance and Presence).
  • Tea Dress - Boosts Conversation (+10 to Public Speaking, Court Manners and Flattery).
  • Toga - Boosts Expression (+10 to Decoration, Instrumental and Voice).
  • Scholar's Gown - Boosts History (+10 to Novan History, Foreign Affairs and World History).
  • Catsuit - Boosts Intrigue (+10 to Internal Affairs, Foreign Intelligence and Ciphering).
  • Nurse's Gown - Boosts Medicine (+10 to Herbs, Battlefield Medicine and Poison).
  • Tuxedo - Boosts Economics (+10 to Accounting, Trade and Production).
  • Uniform - Boosts Military (+10 to Strategy, Naval Strategy and Logistics).
  • Tutu - Boosts Agility (+10 to Dance, Reflexes and Flexibility).
  • Tabard - Boosts Weapons (+10 to Swords, Archery and Polearms).
  • Exercise Gear - Boosts Athletics (+10 to Running, Swimming and Climbing).
  • Hunt Coat - Boosts Animal Handling (+10 to Horses, Dogs and Falcons).
  • Priestess Robe - Boosts Faith (+10 to Meditation, Divination and Lore).
  • Magical Girl - Boosts Lumen (+10 to Sense Magic, Resist Magic and Wield Magic).
  • Boarding School Uniform
  • Catsuit (Intrigue)
  • Coronet (Royal Demeanor)
  • Exercise Gear (Athletics)
  • Hunt Coat (Animal Handling)
  • Magical Girl (Lumen)
  • Nurse's Gown (Medicine)
  • Priestess Robe (Faith)
  • Scholar's Gown (History)
  • Tabard (Weapons)
  • Tea Dress (Conversation)
  • Toga (Expression)
  • Tutu (Agility)
  • Tuxedo (Economics)
  • Uniform (Military)

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