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King-Dowager of Nova
Duke of Caloris
Royal Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Age: 33

Joslyn is the Duke of Caloris, and King-Consort to the late Queen of Nova, Fidelia. He is Elodie's father.

Since he was married to the Queen but not the hereditary ruler of Nova, he has no right to the crown after his wife's death and is only acting in the role until Elodie is old enough to be coronated. Technically, he serves as Elodie's regent during the game, but in practice, he leaves most decisions in her hands.

Warning:Spoilers beyond this line

Involvement Edit

Joslyn is involved in many events in the game although it's mostly informing Elodie about important events, however he can play a larger role if you choose not to learn magic.

In Week 36 if you are unable to stop Togami's fleet and also not a Lumen, Joslyn will fight Togami in Elodie's place. In most cases he will die, but you had your agents looking for Julianna, spoke to Brin, attempted to execute the murderer from Week 20, and spoke to him about anti-Lumen artifacts, he will survive.

In the epilogue Joslyn can either get remarried or remain faithful to his wife(and direct all the advances to his brother).

  • If Elodie or Brin has a marriage arranged and Elodie greets Sirin politely(Composure > 50 and Court Manners > 10) or fails to sabotage her father and Sirin's relationship, Joslyn marries Sirin.
  • If Joslyn seems uninterested in remarrying and Brin is not married to the Ixionite and you danced with her, Brin suggests Elodie marries Banion and she marries Joslyn so that way she and Elodie can spend more time together.
  • If Elodie's magic tutor is Selene and causes an earthquake, Joslyn marries a young priestess.

Personality Edit

Joslyn is protective of his daughter, encouraging her to look out for her own safety, objecting to her getting married too young, and trying to dissuade her from studying magic, which he blames for the death of his wife.

In general, he seems too depressed to do much of anything else.

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