Outfit - Catsuit

The Catsuit, the outfit unlocked by these skills.

Intrigue is a category of skills that cover knowledge of existing political influences and their impacts on current events.

Studying it unlocks the Catsuit outfit when you have 25 in each of the category's three skills. The Catsuit adds 10 points to each Intrigue sub-skill when worn.

Mood Variables Edit

Intrigue skills training is increased by the Willful mood and penalized by the Lonely, Afraid and Cheerful moods.

















Internal AffairsEdit

Points Description
10 Until you have children of your own, your maternal uncle, the Duke of Merva, is next in line for the crown, and after him would be his daughter, your cousin Charlotte.
20 Your maternal uncle's wife, the Countess Nix, claims kinship to the old Merva line and originally asked your mother for title to the duchy. However, no one could verify her lineage. As a compromise, your mother created her brother Duke of Merva.
30 The last Duke of Mead was the older half-brother of the current Duchess. His reign was brief and highly scandalous - he defied tradition to pledge himself as the lifemate of the old Duke of Ursul, then broke that off only a year later. He retired into seclusion and died still unwed.
40 The Duke of Maree has paid suit to the Duchess of Ursul to no avail. The Duchess's brother is opposed, as he will inherit if she dies childless. Your agents suspect the Duchess of Ursul is actually more interested in the Duchess of Hellas. Neither has ever been linked to a man.
50 Countess Lieke of Dis married the old Duke of Sudbury, who was more than twice her age, then divorced him as soon as she'd borne him an heir in order to be free to marry another*. It was considered shockingly rude by the general nobility, but the old Duke apparently had no objection.
60 The Countess of Dis is now married to the disinherited third sibling of the Duke of Maree and the Duchess of Hellas. Currently, both Duke and Duchess are unwed. If either dies without heir, a title may still pass to the Countess's husband.
70 Several generations back, the rulers of Elath and Sedna in neighboring Talasse married. The citizens of Elath objected to this foreign influence, and the resulting heir died in suspicious circumstances, after which the title was passed to a distant branch of the family rather than another child of the Elath-Sedna union.
80 There were many dark rumors about the second husband of the Duchess of Lillah, possibly because he was a commoner. It was whispered that he once assaulted the young Duchess of Elath before her untimely marriage and demise.
90 After years of marriage and three children, the Duchess of Lillah divorced her second husband and refused to say why. Shortly afterward, he was found dead in a nearby forest. The Duchess of Lillah and her son the Earl of Io have been estranged ever since. The Earl of Io now lives with his sister, the Duchess of Mead.
100 After the last Duke of Mead went into seclusion, he hired a stream of attractive young servants who had to be frequently replaced after injuries and 'accidents'. He eventually died by falling from a high tower window, which his family covered up. But was it suicide they were hiding, or murder.
* In older versions, the text of this lesson was phrased as "...then divorced order to marry another".

Foreign IntelligenceEdit

Points Description
10 The current Duke of Sedna is twenty-six years old and unmarried. He might be considered a good marriage prospect for you if you desire stronger ties with the domain of Talasse.
20 The domain of Shanjia, across the sea to the west, has been steadily increasing in size, and now controls a wide range of coastline as well as most of the navigable rivers.
30 The political disruption in Tombula in recent years has caused a disruption in their chocolate production, which is to the benefit of Nova, particularly the duchy of Kigal.
40 Since their recent revolution, the Tombulans have twice begun gathering troops on the Novan border. Both times, their camps were struck by fierce storms and earthquakes, and they decided to give up on the idea.
50 Pirates are once again operating out of Orcus, although they are currently sticking to the northern seas and no threat to Nova. However, if they turn to slave raids, the Borealans may be quite vulnerable.
60 Agents who have visited Borealis report that all known "Lumen Shamans" seem to have no magical powers at all, and perform their ritual displays with show and trickery.
70 Rumor has it that the mother and older sister of the last Duchess of Elath were assassinated twenty years ago by agents from Sedna, which is why she, as sole remaining heir, was married off so young.
80 Rumor has it that the Prince of Terrax was humiliated by the public dissolution of his betrothal to an heiress after she declared him a coward.
90 The queen of Shanjia is wedded to a non-noble, a court musician whom she initially took as a consort, barring any offspring from inheriting the throne. She has since passed new laws to give not only their children but also the man himself an equal claim to the crown.
100 Rumor has it that the "King" of Shanjia has become the true power behind the throne, and that he may also have the powers of a Lumen. He is a controversial figure within the domain, but ministers who speak against him have been known to disappear.




10 You practice reading words whose letters have been arranged in reverse order - the simplest of transpositions, which anyone literate can puzzle through if they try, but sometimes useful to hide information thg is nia lpni.
20 You practice shifting substitution ciphers, where each letter is replaced by one a few steps further along the alphabet, so that "cake and pie" becomes "fdnh dqg slh".
30 You practice random substitution ciphers, where the normal alphabet is replaced by one in a jumbled order. This is harder to decode, but most people need a written substitution chart to read or write it, and that chart can be lost or stolen.
40 You practice complex transposition ciphers, where messages are written down in columns or lines and then reorganised into scrambled words. This means that both an encoded and a plaintext written copy exist, which can be insecure.
50 You practice adding code to your ciphers - that is, replacing words with other words, such as "handle" for "duke", before change the letters in the message.
60 You memorise special cipher alphabets where each letter is replaced by a symbol. Once these are memorised, you will not need to write down cipher sheets, and if the symbols do not look like letters they can be hidden in decorations.
70 You study an ancient book that has a list of thousands of words and pictograms for each of them. In the past, these were used for important messages, but only trained bards could effectively memorise enough symbols to handle the codes efficiently.
80 You learn to manipulate special boxes and jewelry with secret compartments to hide messages. A rare few have locks almost as complicated as the ciphers themselves!
90 You learn that the more you use a code, the easier it is for enemies to break it; the most secure cipher is one that is only used for a single message.
100 You learn to use special codewheels to create rotating ciphers which can only be decoded with another, matching set of codewheels