Noble Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Lilac
Age: 14

Gwenelle, Heir of Sudbury, is the daughter of Lieke and Yannik, elder sister of Anciet, and friend and schoolmate of Elodie. Her father has been dead for some years, and as a soon-to-be duchess she feels pressured to take her political responsibilities seriously. 

Despite her closeness to Elodie, she plays a minimal role in the story. 

Involvement Edit

Week 27 Edit

Elodie will receive an invitation to Gwenelle's birthday party. She can either choose to go (Cheerful +1) or not to.

If Elodie chooses to go, and directed her agents to look out for "Commoner uprisings" during Week 18, she can skip the survival checks next week. If the person responsible is already dealt with, and Commoner Approval is over 45, the trip will be uneventful.

Week 28 Edit

If Elodie arrives safely to the party, she will find Gwenelle and her mother Lieke arguing. Test Flattery >60 to unlock option "Flatter them both".

  • Side with Gwenelle: Lieke is displeased. +1 Willful, +1 Depressed
  • Side with her mother: Gwenelle is displeased. +1 Yielding, -10 Noble Approval.
  • Flatter them both: Both are appeased.

If Brin was deposed or executed, Bennett will be there to dissolve the argument without Elodie's intervention. Elodie will also learn more about Gwenelle's family.

If Elodie chose not to go to the party last week, Lonely +1 and test Court Manners >80:

  • Success: Elodie sends an apology letter and a gift. Cheerful +1
  • Failure: Lieke will be very displeased on behalf of Gwenelle.

Week 29 Edit

If a civil war breaks out, Elodie may worry for Gwenelle due to Sudbury bordering with Kigal, Mead and Lillah.

Epilogues Edit

Gwenelle is mentioned in the epilogue if Elodie chooses to marry Anciet during Week 39 and her Cruelty is under 3. It's described that she and Elodie constantly joked with the idea that the latter were to marry Anciet in the future, which he took seriously as he grew, and she came to reciprocate; after Anciet and Elodie got engaged, they had a hard time convincing Gwenelle that their relationship was serious.

Personality Edit

Judging from her limited appearances, Gwenelle wishes to be taken seriously as an adult and a duchess, wanting to take over her responsibilities as soon as possible, which puts her at odds with her mother Lieke, who thinks she's still too young for the burden yet. Despite this, their relationship, as well as her relationship with the rest of her family, is a caring and healthy one.

If Bennett is present during Week 28, Gwenelle will comment that she considers him to be her true father, as he raised her since her infancy, while her biological father was pretty much absent.

The epilogues and some scattered comments in the game do hint at Gwenelle acting like a normal teenage girl under most circumstances. She seems fond of sharing jokes with Elodie, and considers her a peer due to their rushed political duties.