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  • Neutral
  • Angry
  • Afraid
  • Cheerful
  • Depressed
  • Willful
  • Yielding
  • Pressured
  • Lonely

As a young girl under great pressure, Elodie's moods have a large effect on her abilities. There are four different "bars" on the mood screen

Afraid --- Angry

Depressed --- Cheerful

Yielding --- Willful

Lonely --- Pressured

Each bar is made up of two opposite moods. If Elodie gets more Angry, she is correspondingly less Afraid.

Each mood bar ranges from 4 of the first emotion to 0 (in the middle) to 4 of the other emotion. If she was 3 Angry and gains 1 Afraid, she will now be 2 Angry.

Elodie's "current mood" is determined by which mood has the highest number. If two bars are tied, then the dominant mood is whichever of the tied bars is furthest to the left.

The mood "injured" takes place on the occasion of Elodie getting injured(for instance week 21) in this state she acts neutral but has -3 on all physical activities. The mood injured doesn't have its own "look" and uses the look that Elodie would otherwise have.

Moods affect Elodie's skill advancement. Depending on her mood, she gains certain skill types more or less quickly. The following chart shows how moods affect skill growth:

Social SkillsRoyal Demeanor-1-1-1
+1 -2-1


+1 -1

Physical SkillsAgility+1




Animal Handling

Intellectual SkillsHistory

+1 -2

+1 -1



Mystical SkillsFaith+1



It is possible to put Elodie into a neutral mood by getting all the moods to O. If you do this, she won't have any bonuses or penalties to any skills.

Moods will change slightly as part of plot Events by Week but are mostly controlled through your choice of Weekend Activities.

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