A part of agility skills, together with dance and reflexes.

Moods and activitiesEdit

Agility is only affected by afraid, possitively. Unlike dance and reflexes this doesn't unlock any weekend activities.


  • week 16 attacked by an assasin :  test: Flexibility > 50 for full success, reflexes play a role too, else death.
  • week 18 Sirin is with papa, Trip her as she passes: Test: Flexibility > 30
  • week 20 if low magic resist , Test Flexibility > 50 get lumen crystal
  • week 33 tournament with polearms and you get attacked, choose to fight with staves polearms > 50 Success: Test Polearms + Flexibility ≥ 100 multiple choices, upon failing, you try to talk him out or die.


10: You learn to relax and evaluate the tension in your body, then to practice the different types of motion available to each of your joints: twisting, shifting, and rotating.

20: You practice circling your arms and making kicking motions with your legs to stretch out your limbs.

30: You practice bouncing motions with your arms and legs to increase the muscular effect.

40: You kneel with your hands pressed to the floor, then stretch like a cat, rolling your back up and down.

50: You practice holding your body in stretched-out poses with the aid of your teacher to support your limbs.

60: You practice stretching into poses and holding them for short periods of time.

70: Your teacher holds your limbs in a slightly uncomfortable position for a few seconds, then encourages you to push carefully against the resistance she provides.

80: You work on achieving a full straddle split, your legs straight and wide.

90: You arch up into an elegant backbend, then kick over into a standing position.

100: You practice until you can pull your leg up behind your head.

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