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Fidelia is the late Queen of Nova, a Lumen and Elodie's mother. The game begins few weeks after her death, which forces her woefully unprepared daughter to return to the royal capital to inherit the crown.

Comments during the game hint that her reign was a very stable one, and that Fidelia was very effective at dealing with both foreign threats and internal dispute. However, she died leaving some political matters unresolved, which Elodie will have to deal with.

Comments from some characters, as well as the Royal Demeanor flavor text and epilogue, hint that Fidelia was a very elegant and composed queen who inspired respect from her peers. It's rather telling that she was one of the very few people Arisse truly respected.

Fidelia's lumen powers aren't described in the game. It's known that she was public about her powers, and some dialogue from Julianna hint that she held some mastery over them. It's possible that Fidelia had the same light-based powers as her daughter.

She was killed by the Shanjian king Togami. It's widely believed the reason was an invasion, but actually Togami was after Fidelia's crystal, which ended in the Novan treasury (and possibly her daughter's hands).

She was married to Joslyn, Duke of Caloris. It's repeatedly said in the game that they used to be a very loving couple, and their marriage was fueled more by affection than politics. Evidently her death has deeply affected her husband. A non-cruel Elodie may hold her parent's relationship as an example for seeking love before marriage.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being costantly referred to, the player never gets to see how she looked like.
  • "Fidelia" is a female variant of the latin word "fidelis", meaning "faithful". This could refer to Fidelia's faithfulness to her country, her family or her husband.
  • Doing some maths based on Elodie's and Joslyn' ages show that he was rather young at the time of marriage. Fidelia's age is never revealed, but it's possible that she was as young as Joslyn or near his age.

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