Part of Royal Demeanor in social skills, together with composure and presence.

Moods and activitiesEdit

Afraid -1, Angry -1, Depressed -1,Yielding +1,Willful -2,Lonely -1. No activities are obtainable by elegance.


  • week 7 Test: Elegance > 10: you dodge or reflex test else she bumps you, you may chose nothing to happen.
  • week 16 Test: Elegance > 70: Commoner approval up. In both: i will lead the procession/ I will make a speech.
  • week 17 Test: Presence > 50 / Elegance > 50 / Composure > 50 / Decoration > 70 else +1 Afraid, +1 Pressured.
  • week 33 if in mounted Parade and you can't ride horses Test: Composure + Elegance ≥ 60 +Commoner approval else +1 afraid.
  • week 38 a) If you choose to heal them and have small Medicine (Herbs) Test: Elegance > 50 or Test Decoration > 50
  • week 38 b) If you choose to make a public appearance Test: Presence + Elegance > 110 or  Presence + Public Speaking > 110 or Presence + Decoration > 110: Your popularity is boosted else nothing happens.


10: You practice walking along a narrow rail, taking each step carefully and focusing on your balance.

20: You practice standing and walking with books balanced on your head.

30: You practice the elegant way to hold and sip from a teacup, your pinky slightly extended for balance.

40: You are strapped into a corset and hoop skirt, and practice walking with these: the corset makes it hard to breathe and twist, and the skirt sways out of control if you move too rapidly.

50: You practice graceful arm gestures for every motion, from offering your hand for a kiss to taking hold of a banister at the stairs.

60: You practice eating slowly and with a minimum of mess, chewing each bite a set number of times before swallowing.

70: You practice standing up, sitting down, and picking up items from the floor. Bend at the knees, not at the waist.

80: You practice speaking and laughing quietly, not trying to disappear or go unheard, but focusing your energy into a smaller space so that it draws people closer.

90: You practice sitting quietly and listening to the conversations of others without becoming bored or restless.

100: You practice standing in attractive positions, in full costume, and maintaining those poses for long periods of time.

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