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  • Taken an arrow to the gut
  • Let your blood run dry
  • Choked on magical chains
  • Drowned at sea
  • Cracked your skull
  • Had your life drained
  • Fallen victim to monsters
  • Been blasted by magic
  • Blown yourself up
  • Been poisoned
  • Gotten too close to a sword

Have you... 

Taken an arrow to the gut? Edit

Fail to escape bandits on the way to a party on Week 28

Let your blood run dry? Edit

Be injured by the assassin in Week 16 and then bleed to death running away from him. Refuse a magical duel on Week 36

Choked on magical chains? Edit

Attempt to execute a noble in your dungeon (see Week 7), or discover a secret Lumen and fail to resist or escape him during Week 20

Drowned at sea? Edit

Lead a fleet against an enemy invasion and lose, then fail to swim to shore, or get taken by a freak wave caused by your magic circle of 4 Lumen. See Week 35

Cracked your skull? Edit

Lose a duel with staves (polearms). See Week 33. Fail to scare off revolting peasants during Week 39.

Had your life drained? Edit

One of the possible failures of the duel on Week 36. A possible consequence of sacrificing a friend during Week 37.

Fallen victim to monsters? Edit

Fail to escape the woods in Kathre Lake on Week 29, or sacrifice yourself for the sake of the domain on Week 37.

Been blasted by magic? Edit

One of the possible failures of the duel on Week 36

Blown yourself up? Edit

Unsuccessfuly try to work massive magic on Week 35

Been poisoned? Edit

Fail every check on the suspicious gift on Week 32

Gotten too close to a sword? Edit

Possible through one assassination attempt on Week 16, one duel on Week 17, and another duel on Week 33

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