A part of agility skills, together with flexibility and reflexes.

Moods and activitiesEdit

Agility is only affected by afraid, possitively. At dance>50 the Attend ball option is opened.

Attend Ball (Pressured = 0)

  • +1 Pressured
  • +1 Noble Approval

Attend Ball (Pressured > 0)

  • +1 Depressed
  • +1 Pressured
  • +1 Noble Approval

Attend Ball (Pressured < 0)

  • +1 Cheerful
  • +1 Pressured
  • +1 Noble Approval

Weekly activitiesEdit

  • week 17 dancing with anyone Test: Dance > 50 partial success, > 90 success.
  • week 29 on choosing to "go with her" and having no other option against the monster: Support her: Test Dance ≥ 30 you both escape else you both die.


10: You practice curtseying, standing, and walking across the floor in a graceful manner.

20: You practice walking on the arm of a partner and following their cues to pause and turn while keeping your eyes closed.

30: You practice different partnered dance positions - closely held, at a distance, and non-contact - and the appropriate hand placement for each.

40: You begin practicing dance steps in time to music, quick and slow, turning and weaving.

50: You work through the standard repertoire of ballroom dancing, being sure you know the basic steps for any dance likely to be required of you in a social setting.

This enables Ballroom Dancing on weekends.

60: You practice the postures and extensions of solo ballet, learning to stretch and form an elegant line with your body.

70: You study the secret language of dance and how a story can be told through gestures and positions.

80: You design your own dance movements to cover the floor, first slowly then with greater speed.

90: You practice dramatic movements with a partner - dips, lifts, and tosses.

100: You practice high-speed spins and turns on pointe, whipping your leg around dramatically.

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