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Heir to the Duchy of Mead
Royal Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Green
Age: 16

Lady Briony is the heir to the Duchy of Mead. She's the daughter of Corisande and Ignatius, niece of Julianna, Kevan and Charmion and granddaughter of Arisse

Briony is bored and discontented with her home life. She writes Elodie a number of times throughout the year. When Week 28 comes around, she will become the focus of a various events, one in particular being very significant backstory. 

She is one of Elodie's romantic options, but a questline must be completed before she's available. She's also the subject of an epilogue, and mentioned in others. 

Involvement Edit

Briony will send various letters to Elodie early in the game expressing her boredom and desire for adventure. She also comments on the outcome of the trial of Week 13, more specifically her uncle's reaction to the outcome.

Her role will be much dramatic when Week 28 comes around:

  • If Elodie skips the party, Briony will explore the Old Forest alone, and die there. This also causes Kevan to blame Elodie for the death and attempt to kill her during Week 33.
  • If Elodie goes to the party but has no idea what Briony is talking about (fail both checks), the outcome is the same as above.
  • If Elodie goes to the party and either convinces Briony to drop her plans, or tattles her to her parents, she is saved but won't have any more events.
  • If Elodie goes to the party and offers to help Briony, she will come with Elodie to the palace the next week.

The last choice opens up three events with Briony:

  • Elodie can tell Briony to go alone, or futilely try to convince her otherwise. Either way she goes alone and dies, her family won't be happy.
  • Elodie can go with her to the forest. Hope you have the neccesary skills to survive. In one outcome, Elodie can abandon Briony to her death to save herself. Again, her family won't be happy.
  • Elodie can pass a Conversation check to have Briony open up about her family situation. This way Briony doesn't go to the forest and the confrontation with Corisande next week ends much more happily.

If the last one is chosen, Briony will send a coded letter next week detaling her family's terrible secrets. Elodie can pass a Ciphering check to discover what it is. This also opens up a happier epilogue if Elodie marries Kevan.

If Elodie and Briony survive the forest adventure, both can end up romantically involved in one epilogue.

If a Elodie sends Briony alone to her death, she can blame Corisande next week. This action increases cruelty.

Alternatively, if a civil war breaks out during Week 29 and Briony is at the royal palace, you can send her back home as a gesture of goodwill or hold her hostage. If the latter, the next week you can ransom her for: peace, money or the voluntary exile of the rebel leaders (this one requires a Cruelty+Presence check). Either choice, the war ends without further bloodshed.

If the players ends the game with high Lumen Approval, and both Julianna and Briony are alive, Julianna and Selene will adopt Briony as the heir of Ursul (both title and crystal).

Personality Edit

Briony is kind of childish, especially for her age. She's stubborn, imaginative, naive and somewhat bratty, but also very lonely and with a sense of unworthiness due to her parent's neglect.

She's fascinated by heroic fantasies of adventures, treasure, monster-slaying and romance. Not even her brush with death in the Old Forest (if saved) will stop her for planning another "heroic" adventure. In her romantic epilogue, it's described how she and Elodie bonded over, among other things, the imaginary slaying of dragons.

At first it seems that her ideas for adventure are simple attention-seeking. While it is one of the reasons, it's mostly to escape her boring and neglectful home life and to become honored in the eyes of her parents.

She does have a surprising talent for coding and investigation (given her knowledge of Ciphering, the location of the Old Forest and the supposed treasure that lies within), which may indicate patience and dedication to learning (or at least, for subjects that interest her).

She has terrible manners for a noble (though not to the extent of her cousin Thaddeus). She's very blunt when talking to Elodie or her own parents, and probably to her peers as well. Also, in the epilogue where Elodie marries her father Ignatius, she's described as audibly gagging in their presence.

Abilities Edit

Briony is skilled in Ciphering, allowing her to code secret messages in her correspondence. She can reveal more than a few secrets to Elodie this way.

During the treasure-hunting adventure Briony claims to be good with a sword and bow. Since she never gets a chance to demonstrate, it may be just her overestimating her skills.

If she lives in a pro-Lumen epilogue, she's adopted by Julianna and assigned as her heir. A still of a Lumen Briony is seen but none of her future skills are described. Before this, she is a normal human with no magical abilities.

Romance Conditions Edit

Elodie can end up romantically involved with Briony, though no marriage can take place (she's given the position of lady-in-waiting as an excuse to be close to Elodie, and both marry unnamed nobles for pure convenience). For this to happen:

  • Elodie must go to Gwenelle's party. Pass either a Novan History ≥ 90 or Lore ≥ 60 when talking to Briony for her to let Elodie into her treasure-hunting plans, choose "Offer to help".
  • The next week, start the forest adventure. To survive, pass these checks in order: Herbs ≥ 70, Running ≥ 50, Horses ≥ 70 (if failed, pass Dance ≥ 30). You both escape alive.

Briony will regard her rescue as the most romantic thing that has ever happened to her. During Week 39, she will be amongst the options of suitors.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Elodie, she wears her hair styled as Ojou Ringlets. Though it's appropiate to her social standing, it also defies the archtype associated with the style, as she is childish, stubborn and not very princess-like.
  • Her name name originates in Old English, which in turns takes from the Greek name βρυωνία ‎(pronounced "bruōnía"). It's the name of a genus of medicinal plants noted for their resilence. Interestingly, her family have names of either Old English, Irish or Greek origin, she continues the trend having both the former and the latter.
  • She has her mother's eye color, while her hair is a combination of her mother's and father's colors (blonde and blue).

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