Duchess of Hellas
Royal Character
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Sky Blue
Age: 33

Brin, Duchess of Hellas, is the older sister of Banion, Duke of Maree, and Bennett, who is the second husband of Lieke, Countess of Dis.

Given her sexual proclivity for women (Internal Affairs >40), she is a potential suitor for Elodie. If you meet the proper criteria, you can receive the 'been sent flowers by a woman' achievement on the Event Checklist from her.

Involvement Edit

She was responsible for starting the conflict with Ixion (Foreign Affairs 20). If Elodie is aware of this, she can resolve the incident by punishing Brin.

Though Bennett was disinherited in the events before the beginning of the game (Internal Affairs >60), if Brin dies or is deposed during the game, he will inherit her title and become Duke of Hellas.

During the negotiations with Ixion, a way to resolve the conflict is by ordering Brin to marry an Ixionite and provide heirs to solidify an alliance. Doing so unlocks two events later on, and may push Joslyn, Elodie's father, to start seeking out a second wife. 

During the Royal Ball (Week 17), If Brin is newly married, Banion will attempt to insinuate that he is having an affair with Elodie, and agreeing to dance with him will situate him as her betrothed. Alternatively, if she is not married and one chooses to dance with Brin, she becomes a possible suitor in the end of the game, provided Elodie chooses to marry no one. 

If Julianna escapes from prison and Elodie decides that her agents need to focus on finding her in Week 19, an option to consult Brin and Banion about her possible whereabouts is available (may require Internal Affairs >40, and requires that Brin was not executed or stripped of her title in Week 10). Brin will come alone, mentioning that she had an affair with Julianna in the past, and also reveals that she had an affair with Lucille.

Personality and Abilities Edit

Brin is an impulsive, ill-tempered, emotional woman who frequently makes her thoughts known without a care for the opinions of those around her. While she may seem somewhat similar to Julianna, she's not as uncompromising as her, and more prone to falling back into some of the court's customs (making her less of an outcast).

She's very close to her brother Banion, and will back him up is his own ploys, even in cases where it may be against her interests. This trust is reciprocated. But she has a rather strained relation ship with her other brother Bennett, who himself said that she and banion never forgave him for not being there when their mother died.

She herself hints that she easily falls in love, and has been hurt many times for it. She mentions three past relationships with women who left her for men (one of which is Lucille), and her affair with Julianna, who left her for being "too challenging" and soon got together with Selene. It may be telling of Brin's interest in Elodie if both dance together during the Grand Ball (granted, it's designed to show Elodie's favor towards a suitor).

She favors botany and is knowledgeable in floriography. The bouquet she sends if danced with conveys two messages: one is Brin's romantic interest in Elodie, the other is the consequences of breaking her heart (the flowers in question are highly poisonous if eaten). This is an interesting hobby, considering that Hellas isn't suited for agriculture.

Marriage Conditions Edit

Brin is available as a romance option under certain conditions, one of which even ends in marriage. To do this, you have the following conditions.

  • During Week 10, solve the territorial dispute without giving up the territory, stripping Brin of her title or (obviously) executing her. The method doesn't matter. If you punish her by making her marry an Ixionite, you will have to pass an Internal Affairs check to appease her, otherwise you lose her as a romantic option.
  • During the Grand Ball, dance with Brin. You can do this by either choosing to dance with "Someone scandalous" while Julianna isn't present (otherwise she takes precedence) or passing both a Court Manners and Intrigue check and choosing "Examine the women", then Brin.
  • The next week, Elodie will receive a bouquet of flowers. You can pass a Court Manners check to know their meaning and a Poison check to realize something disturbing about the flowers. Either way, choose "Accept them", and Brin will believe you have romantic interest in her.

During Week 39, there will be three different outcomes for a Brin romance based on certain conditions:

  • If Brin wasn't married off and Joslyn is alive, she will propose a deal to Elodie: marry Banion while Brin marries Joslyn, that way both will have politically convenient marriages while also having an excuse to be close. It's mentioned how their children were together so often they considered themselves more siblings than cousins.
  • If Joslyn is alive and Brin is unmarried, choose "Marry no one". It's mentioned that both were often seen together, Elodie had a daughter with an unaknowledged man while Brin named Banion's natural son as her heir. Alternatively, if Brin was married, she divorces immediately after having a child who she names as heir.
  • (In versions 1.3+) If Joslyn is dead, have Herbs <90 and don't act against Lucille or grant her the duchy of Merva. The epilogue will mention how, after a bout of fever and delirium, Elodie recovered but became barren; now without the burden of producing "worthy" heirs, she marries Brin out of love and makes her Queen-Consort.
  • If Brin strongly encourages a marriage between Elodie and Banion, while it's noted that Elodie spends a lot of time with Brin, she appears to also be close with Banion, giving it the impression of a polyamorous trio rather than a love triangle, especially if Brin adopts Banion's son from before his marriage. Elodie's not quite as close to Banion if Brin marries Joslyn, but both couples raise their children together.

Trivia Edit

  • She never told her brother of her relationship with Julianna, not even when he was futilely courting the latter. Also, while Banion holds a very great grudge against Elodie if Brin is harmed in any way, Brin is much less likely to take revenge for harm done to Banion.
  • Her big eyes, hairstyle and straps on her dress has often confused players into believing her much younger than she is.
  • The name "Brin" is a variation of the Welsh masculine name "Bryn", meaning "hill" or "mound". The duchy she governs is known for it's hilly terrain.

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